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Fathers Day

On Sunday, we took a family drive up to Piccadilly Circus. No, not the one in London – we have our very own Piccadilly Circus up in the Brindabella Ranges, about 45 minutes drive into the mountains. We were hoping to see snow, but there had been so much rain on Saturday the road was closed.

The mountains were shrouded in cloud, but it was beautiful to see the trees emerging from the mist and rain, especially after the 2003 bushfires.


The wind was pretty fierce up there though.

Although the road was closed, Little Pearl didn’t miss much. She zonked out about ten minutes in to the drive.

Uriarra Crossing was flooded, and the Cotter Dam was overflowing. It’s beautiful to see after so many year of drought. This year, water restrictions have been relaxed and I can look forward to planting our vege garden. Here’s a ‘before’ shot of where we hope to put the vege beds:

There’s a lemon tree (very small) and a Valencia orange tree (bigger) at the back. We’ll leave the orange tree alone – we got about 60 oranges from it this year – but the lemon tree will have to do better against the frost if it’s to earn it’s keep.

The timber retaining wall is going to be removed and replaced with a two tier dry-stack stone wall, and the ground between the wall and garage will be paved (Little Pearl will have somewhere to put the sand pit she’s getting for Christmas). I’ve already begun raising seedlings for the herb garden (parsley, nasturtiums and thyme) and vegetables for the raised bed (parsnip, onion and peas – it’s too cold to plant the chilli seeds yet!) I also have four blueberry bushes waiting to go in the front. Mmmm, fresh blueberries. They’re $7 a punnet in the shops at the moment – too expensive, no matter how much I love them.


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