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Two books for this challenge. Or… at least one and a half. See, I can’t put hand to heart and said I read all of Frankenstein Unbound (Brian Aldiss). I skipped through pretty much everything that has the main character (and occasionally other characters) pontificating on the nature of mankind. I’m not sure if the intent of this novel was to replicate Victorian-era writing style, or maybe it’s just that I’m used to more modern styles of writing. I found the characterisation of pretty much everybody hard to swallow (with the exception of Byron) and the premise of timeslips to be faintly ludicrous (speaking as someone with only a tenuous grasp on physics).

I’d started Frankenstein Unbound thinking I could also use it for the trilogy challenge (there are two sequels, Dracula Unbound and Moreau’s Other Island) but … no.

So I though I would give the novels of 1973 another go and picked up Ben Bova’s short story collection, Forward in Time. This is probably a bit of a cheat as the stories themselves were published prior to 1973, but I already have another book lined up for the book of short stories challenge so this will have to do. Bova’s short stories were engaging and I really liked the three Kinsman stories, especially the different facets of Kinsman that are shown in the stories as he grows older. The collection is a little dated, but I think the idea to arrange the stories in their chronological order – not of publication, but of how far in the future each story is set – is inspired. My favourite stories were probably The Weathermakers and The Perfect Warrior, both in the latter half of the book. Their subject matter seemed broader, or perhaps that is was just we are already well past the future envisioned by Bova in the earlier stories.


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