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Finding a book that you haven’t read that will make you cry seems like a tricky ask. There’s a few ways to go about it: just keep reading until you find one; trawl the reviews; or ask your friends.

Of course, since I became a mum, I cry at everything. Disney movies? Check. Inspirational Facebook videos? Check. The Qantas ad where all the kids sing? Check. So it shouldn’t be too hard to find a book to check off this PopSugar challenge.

I ask my friends. And one of them recommends Room by Emma Donoghue, has a copy, lends it to me. I figure if I don’t cry, I can always file it under my book-with-a-one-word-title challenge.

That’s not necessary. This book makes me cry. Not in an all-out bawling way, ‘cause I’m sad. This book makes me cry in unexpected ways. I cry with relief, with hope, with mixed sadness and happiness. And I cry because I see me in the mother, my daughter in the narrator, the bond that exists between them.

What I loved about this book first and foremost was the voice of the narrator, a five year old boy called Jack. Donoghue does a lovely job of walking the line between a read for adults and maintaining the endearing grammatical chaos of a five year old. Jack describes the events in his life in a way that is fundamentally innocent, but also demonstrates his understanding of his world and allows the reader to understand the context of what is happening. It’s quite an accomplishment.

I don’t want to talk too more about the things I loved about it for fear of spoiling it for others. I came to the book armed only with a one sentence description of its subject, and this allowed the novel to unfold for me in a way that might not have been possible otherwise. I do admit to skipping ahead a few chapters at one particular section of the book though!

Yes, Room made me cry. And it was a book that I could file under the book-read-in-one-day challenge. Every time I put it down I counted the minutes until I could pick it back up, and cursed the everyday tasks that took me away from Room.


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