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Little Pearl’s third birthday is coming up soon, and I’ve been trying to think of a special gift. She does have a lot of toys already, mostly Montessori inspired (with an over-large side serving of Toy Story merchandise… sigh), and anything she doesn’t have here at home is probably at her grandparents’ house.

I was given a doll when I was four, who still sits in the top of my wardrobe. She is in very poor condition but I just can’t bear to throw her away. I want my daughter to have a special doll like that.

For a while I have been hoping to get a Piccoli Waldorf doll – she makes the most beautiful dolls but they are very hard to buy. This is my favourite (even if she is – choke – Disney Princess-inspired):

But the birthday is creeping closer, and despite several attempts over the last couple of months a Piccoli doll remained elusive. I love the sweet faces on the Piccoli dolls and the colours in their hair, so I went on an Etsy – madeit- ebay hunt for a Waldorf doll for Little Pearl’s birthday. I finally found this little lass several pages into an Etsy search –

– and she went straight in to the shopping cart.

Unfortunately, my newfound obsession didn’t stop there. I began wondering how hard they were to make, and if my rusty sewing skills could be resurrected for the job. So, in my typical fashion, I promptly went and ordered a doll making kit and DVD… you know, as if I actually had time to be making dolls.

I would really like to give Little Pearl a doll that looks like her though, with curly brown hair and hazel eyes. And part of the philosophy of the Waldorf-Steiner dolls is that they are handmade with natural materials and one of a kind. I can be pretty confident that any doll made by me will be one of a kind for sure, but I really like the idea of involving Little Pearl in making a doll especially for her. Also, I haven’t sewn or knitted since she was about six months old, and I want her to see how things can be made at home.

So it’s decided:our winter project will be doll-making.


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